CMIR and the Amazing College of Journalism

The Center for Media Innovation & Research (a.k.a CMIR) at UF has given me so many great opportunities throughout my time as a telecom student. After spending many late nights in the Innovation News Center and many early mornings for TV 1 and 2 shifts, I could not imagine my college experience without the College of Journalism.

I remember as a freshman, I wanted to get into the News track for telecommunications as quickly as I could so I would be able to start on my major classes. I took the News Test the spring semester of my freshman year and I was so overwhelmed. Unfortunately I received the email I had been waiting on, but it didn’t have good news; I didn’t pass.

Once I joined the National Broadcasting Society, I found an amazing group of people who displayed their immense passion for telecom and journalism. In this club I found great mentors who were able to help and lift me up as I was feeling dejected. The NBS also offered great resources to help students be prepared for obstacles such as the News Test, and I made sure to take advantage of them. After I attended the News Test workshops the NBS directed, I felt prepared and ready to try again.

Fall of my sophomore year I felt confident and ready to tackle the test once more. This time, the email read congratulatory news and I remember that moment perfectly as I read it on the couch in my first apartment and cried tears of joy!! This has been one trend I have found with the College of Journalism; there were many tears, tears of joy, tears full of stress, and tears when the story was finally completed and ready to air.

Beginning in radio and making it onto WUFT as a reporter, the Innovation News Center was full of many familiar faces and friends. Whether people were gossiping about the latest Kim K drama, or the sports crew was debating over which football teams should play for a National Championship, the newsroom was always a welcoming environment to let friendships blossom and hard work flourish.

One of my favorite parts of the College of Journalism is that there are so many opportunities for all majors to become involved and get real world experience at the best University in the nation (I know, I’m biased).

Below is a picture of me at my last shift of Radio 1 when I was finally confident and knew I wouldn’t lose a phone call when I transferred to the sound booth. I also included the video of my first time live on WUFT. While it makes me cringe a bit, it’s nice to see how far I have come in my professional career.

With only one more semester left, I am excited to do my best and finish strong on my journey to graduation. I am beyond grateful and thankful for all that the University of Florida has given me. The College of Journalism has been a truly amazing experience and I would recommend it to any aspiring journalists and future reporters.

– Liz