Growing up, my family was one of the most important things to me, and they still are. As a young child, both of my parents worked full time, so I stayed with my grandparents and became very close to them.

My experience in high school truly shaped who I am today. My life was centered around making excellent grades in hopes of getting into UF and practicing my golf game whenever  I wasn’t at school. My time on the golf course taught me perseverance, hard work, and honesty.

During high school, I had a few close friends, but my time with golf course restricted my social life. This made my family an even more important part of my life because they were always there for me.

One of the most exciting days of my life was when I got accepted to the University of Florida. It was a goal that I had worked hard for, and when I achieved it I felt like there was a future full of potential waiting for me.

Now as a senior at the University of Florida I have made many great connections that will last a lifetime. The friends I have encountered on this campus have impacted me in ways I am so thankful for. I know the people I have met through UF will continue to impact me in a positive way.

One thought on “Liz

  1. […] Liz’s holistic view on living and emphasis on interpersonal experience over ego and personal achievement is admirable. It’s really a breath of fresh air from traditional ego-centric blogs that take a me-first approach. I think her high school experience speaks of a universal experience. The gradual realization of the importance of friendship was a touching reminder that I’ve gone through that transformation in every academic period in my life. […]


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