Pumpkin Party

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think about October and Halloween are pumpkins! As a child I always remember carving a pumpkin with my mom and being so excited to see it lit up at night. Even on my first Halloween I was a baby pumpkin!

Usually I love to get creative and think outside of the box with a crazy pumpkin design, but this year I wanted to keep it more traditional. Just a regular jack-o-lantern face for my pumpkin man!


There are so many other things you can do to add some [pumpkin] spice (LOL) to your Halloween pumpkin. Many other options include paint, drilling holes into a design, or even adding chicken wire for extra texture.

Half of the fun of pumpkin carving is going to the pumpkin patch and finding the perfect pumpkin. There is a great pumpkin patch down the street from my house at a local church that takes 100% of the proceeds from the pumpkins and donates it to charity. Carving pumpkins is only one of the many fall activities that I enjoy taking part in!

– Liz

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